Why do we write?

A friend of mine once asked, if our civilisation and even the whole of humanity falters and crumbles, and there are only a handful of survivors, and you are allowed to pass on only one piece of wisdom , limited to a sentence, what would it be ?

It was a very interesting question, and the answer depends on who you are, as there is no single correct answer. It depends on who you are as an individual, what core idea do you want the next version of humanity to be built upon. If you are reading this, I will really ask you to take a moment and think about what you want that one sentence of wisdom to be.

For the person I am, the only one-sentence-idea deserves that is worth preserving is ‘Why?’

And since i was considering writing for a long time, i wanted to ask myself, ‘Why do I want to write?’ And of course that led to the slightly bigger question, ‘Why do we write?’, it could be a blog, or a novel, or a review, or an article or a dozen other writing modes, fundamentally, why do humans write.

So why do humans want to write? I believe some of us want to because, we love to, some of us, because we have to, and some of because we are cursed to.

And I think i fall in the cursed category.